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Quick Q+A With Lotus: Mug Love

Quick Q+A with Lotus features local South African businesses in the new world for readers!

Meet Lisa, the creative and owner behind Mug Love! They customize different mugs and water bottles, that get couriered anywhere South Africa. You may remember Mug Love from our first Festive Collab Giveaway on Instagram! In our Quick Q+A, Lisa tells of how a passion for personalized mugs carried over from the founder to its current owner in a new supportive community. Read more about Lisa and Mug Love below:

Who is behind Mug Love?

My name is Lisa.  A regular wife, mom of two young boys, full time teacher and creative behind Mug Love. So, as you can imagine, life is pretty busy. But with sufficient doses of coffee and chocolate I manage to get through the day. Exercise keeps me sane as well, and my husband and I often go running. I’m not an artist and I really can’t draw to save my life, but I enjoy the opportunity to get creative, so being involved with Mug Love gives me this opportunity.

What made you want to start Mug Love?

Lisa: Mug Love was started in 2018 by another creative and small business owner, Sam (owner of @stann_ed and @hand_and.heart). I am actually the 3rd owner of Mug Love and took over in July 2019. I decided to embark on the journey of creating mugs as an additional source of income. I’ve also always loved mugs and have way too many in my kitchen cupboards.

Your name is very simple and easy to understand, what made you choose Mug Love?

Lisa: Yes, the name is pretty self-explanatory. Sam, the first owner of Mug Love, came up with the name. The reason being was that she loves personalised items, mugs, and coffee…and what better way to bring those ideas together than to start a business that incorporates all of those facets.  I must admit, I love the same things too. That’s probably why I have so many coffee mugs!!

What’s one of the best things you enjoy about Mug Love and your industry?

Lisa: Mug Love is a small local business. Upon taking up the ownership of Mug Love it opened me up to a whole new world of other small business owners. It is such a supportive community who are willing to give advice and share ideas.

Source: @lotusbookblog | Festive Collab Giveaway with Lotus Bookstore and Mug Love, December 2020

What can people expect from Mug Love in the future?

Lisa: Mug Love started out by producing solely personalised products, which of course we still do.  If you can dream it, we can (most of the time) create it. I have also now added some design catalogues. There are a few more catalogues in the making, so those who are stuck for inspiration can have a look through some of our set designs. We will also be launching some new products in the near future. So keep an eye out on our FB or IG feed for more exciting details.

What do you think is important to make an impact in the world or leave a lasting impression?

Lisa: First impressions generally make lasting impressions. The more you consistently make a positive and memorable impact on customers, the better the chances of developing positive and fruitful relationships. Our world is diverse, with so many unique people.  Curtesy, decency and respect for others will get you a long way.

How can people show support for Mug Love?

Lisa: Show us some love by checking out and following our IG or FB pages. And of course, share our products or place an order. We also love seeing our customers using their mugs or bottles. Once you’ve received your order we would love for you to take some pics, share them to social media and tag Mug Love. We’re here to share some love, and it’s really encouraging when customers share some back with us.

Where can people connect with you if they’d like to know more about Mug Love?

Instagram: Mug Love @muglovesa

Facebook: Mug Love @muglovesa


Thank you, Lisa! The idea behind Mug Love is certainly still a good one and you make it look so easy. I’m excited to see the new products and even better designs in your catalogue. The small business community is definitely welcoming and supportive which is partly why Lotus Bookstore is where it is today! Everything of the best for the future and may Mug Love continue to grow!

Support Lisa by following Mug Love on social media and sharing their products. Placing an order is always best so make Lisa’s day and order your custom mug or water bottle today!


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