10 Amazing Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

Here are 10 amazing gift ideas for book lovers that are sure to be memorable:

  • Bookish Mugs


Personalised mugs are great, but bookish mugs are better! Bookish mugs come in different shapes and sizes, with popular bookish logos and quotes on them. They can be found at your local bookstore or most arts & crafts stores and can even be made yourself.

  • Journals


Journals are great for recording what books you’ve read or just jotting down random thoughts. I know many book lovers who use journals to practice their writing skills too. Munira from A Touch of Starlight loves using journals for her notes and they make great photo props too, cue: #Bookstagram!

  • Bookish merchandise


T-shirts, pillows and throws with popular bookish quotes are sure-winners for Book Lovers. A new favourite amongst book lovers is scented candles, which can be found at local bookstores or online. Check out Fable Crate for bookish merchandise and monthly themed book crates!

  • Reading light


Many bookworms love reading at night. A reading light is a good idea for those who don’t like reading with the room light switched on or don’t have bedside lamps. They also work well for book lovers who like reading on the go (at night of course). I got this clip-on reading light as a gift and it’s been so useful!

  • BookmarksIMG_20171205_210511_733.jpg

Everyone loves a good bookmark (except those who fold the corners of the pages like savages). Bookmarks come in different sizes and with bookish quotes, characters or even pretty patterns. You can get them instore at bookstores or bookish merchandise stores online. I made these bookmarks for my blog’s Instagram account.

  • Bookends


Do you know someone who has books constantly falling off their shelves? Get them a set of Bookends! Besides holding up falling books, bookends also add that touch of class to anyone’s bookshelf.

  • Bookish character merchandisepreview.jvxk-5039-g540.0.photo.X2W3HK4F26$F1B9687.jpg

Know a book lover’s favourite book? Then bookish character merchandise is sure to be a memorable gift! For example, Katniss Everdeen’s Mockingjay pendant from the Hunger Games series or the new Funko Pop character toys like Harry Potter from the JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. These Funko Pop toys have been a huge hit and are practically on every book lover’s bookshelf!

  • Thumb ring page holderthumb ring page holder

The thumb ring page holder allows you to hold both pages open wide enough to read a book using only one hand. It’s also pretty useful for those who like drinking tea or coffee while reading as you now have a free hand to sip from your cup without having to close the book!

  • Bookstore gift card/vouchers

Unsure of what books to buy a book lover? Purchase a gift card or voucher at their favourite bookstore. This way they have a reason to head to a bookstore and add to their collection.

  • Personalised Embosserembosser.PNG

An embosser is a cool gift for someone who lending their books to family and friends. An embossed page in a book is a sure way to remind people who the book belongs to (and hopefully returns it to the owner soon after). If you’re buying this for someone, I’d suggest you keep it simple and include their name/blog’s name and contact details like an email address.


  • Books

If there’s one thing bookworms love getting it’s MORE BOOKS.  Find out what books are newly released in their favourite genre or what book they’ve been wanting to buy for ages and get them a copy!

giphy-downsized (1).gif


Know any other cool gift ideas? Comment below 🙂


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