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Cape Town’s Newest Online Bookstore: Lotus Bookstore

Here’s a little insight into Cape Town’s newest online second-hand bookstore, Lotus Bookstore:

“Why an online bookstore?”

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that we’re not the only ones who struggle finding good quality second-hand books. People all over the city face this issue for a number of reasons.

Some have told us they’ve been to bookstores and either couldn’t find those rare books there or when finding them, they’re in bad condition.

We also noticed that people can’t look for books at different bookstores, because they’re either located across different parts of the City or they simply don’t have the time to walk through aisles to hunt for good books.

The prices of new books in South Africa is and has been an issue for readers for many many years! New books easily cost over R200, which is still expensive for many people, including children and students. Online retailers also mark some books down to R100 but still manage to catch you out with their high-minimum spends for free delivery.

“Solution to our bookish problems”

Trying to solve our bookish problems, we launched an online second-hand bookstore on Shopify and Facebook!

We sell good to excellent condition second-hand from Cape Town, South Africa, with delivery across South Africa. We only stock those highly recommended books that are hard-to-find, across different genres!

With our catalogue being online, it’s even easier to browse for second-hand books than having to run to a bookstore yourself. Books are couriered to your doorstep within one week or they can be collected in the CBD! The books are priced affordably, taking into account the condition of the books, rarity and a minor service fee (we have families too).

“How can you get involved?”

Buy – Do you love reading or know someone who does? Buy a book!

Share – Share this post with some of your friends on social media! Tag your friends in the book posts as birthday gift hints or posts you think they’ll love (It’ll make their day, trust us!)

Follow – Follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Sell – Want to sell some of your good books but don’t have the time or energy to sell them yourself? Sell them to us! If your books match our grading criteria and collection or other customers’ requests, we’ll buy them from you. Contact us on our Contact Page or send us a message on Facebook!

“Uhmmm, what’s good to excellent quality books?”

Here’s a description of the quality of the books we buy and sell:

  • Excellent: Book cover and pages are in excellent condition. Used, like new. Spine has minimal to no creases.
  • Very Good: Book cover and pages in very good condition. Used, but still in very good condition. Spine has minimal creases.
  • Good: Book cover and pages in good condition, well read. Used, but still in good condition. Spine has creases.
  • All Books: No dog ears and no writing in books. Any markings in book will be communicated in the description of the post.

Any further questions? Go ahead and ask on our Contact form! 🙂



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