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Cape Town’s Newest Online Bookstore: Lotus Bookstore

Here’s a little insight into Cape Town’s brand new online second-hand bookstore:

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5 Charities You Can Donate Books and Goods To

Do you have books at home that you've read and want to donate? Want to bring some good karma into your life by helping the less fortunate? Here are 5 charities in Cape Town you can donate books, goods and aid to: Tears Animal Rescue Tears Animal Rescue is one of my favourite organisations and… Continue reading 5 Charities You Can Donate Books and Goods To


Top 5 Bookish Problems

These are 5 of the worst bookish problems that I face quite often: New books vs Second-Hand Books: Even though I love the smell of new books, I’m an absolute sucker for a bargain! I could easily get a number of sought-after second-hand books at the cost of one brand-new book. While some dread the… Continue reading Top 5 Bookish Problems