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Wrap Up & Book Haul: 2018 SPCA Bag-A-Bargain Book Sale

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The SPCA hosted its annual Bag-A-Bargain book sale this past weekend and it brought back even more pre-loved books at this year’s offering!

Hosted at Timour Hall Villa, a familiar Southern Suburbs venue in Cape Town, South Africa, the book sale sold new and second-hand books ranging from children’s books to Arts and Crafts.

The book sale offered differently priced bags (R60 and R100) which could be filled with as many pre-loved books as they could hold. They also offered brand new books priced individually for R50 each or at a discount for R100 for 3 books.


One of the most notable improvements from last year’s sale was the use of bookshelves to display the books on sale. The shelves allowed more space for people to walk through the venue without making the venue feel stuffy (like most popular book sales). They also made it easier to see what pre-loved books were on offer.

If there’s one bit of advice that I can give you for this book sale, it’s ARRIVE EARLY. It’s important to get to the sale before the big rush comes as the good books fly off the shelves quickly! Last year I arrived just after the doors opened and got quite a few brand new books, including the full Games of Thrones set. This year I arrived 2 hours late but still managed to find some good books after some digging.



I decided to take advantage of the bigger variety of non-fiction books at this year’s sale and filled my bag with them. I even had space left in my bag to get a few books like Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and Stanley & Danko’s The Millionaire Next Door for friends who couldn’t attend the sale.

While I didn’t manage to find many good brand new books, I found some pre-loved ones that I’ve been looking for for ages! I’ve seen Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life in a number of bookstores and decided to give it a read to see if it’s as good as the Goodreads reviews say. I really liked Seth Godin’s Purple Cow and knew I had to take Meatball Sundae as soon as I spotted it.


Overall, I really enjoyed the sale as the pre-loved books were quite cheap and still in relatively good condition. The fact that the profits go toward a good cause (the SPCA) really warmed my heart too. There are plenty of hidden gems in the piles of books on offer at this book sale!

For next year’s sale, I hope there’ll be more brand new books on offer. The shelves should definitely be used again and possibly a bigger venue for the book sale given the increasing popularity of this sale.

Let me know what you thought of the book sale in the comments or on social media! 🙂



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