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Review: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Years after Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog was released in 2016, I came across a copy in great condition. I first thought it wouldn’t be worth my while reading given the time that lapsed, but then I remembered the latest books are hardly the most relevant (although they’re often assumed to be). Shoe Dog did not disappoint!

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Review: How to Get a SARS Refund by Daniel Baines

Ever struggled to file your tax returns? Want to know how to get money back from the government? Then this book by admitted attorney and tax specialist, Daniel Baines, is for you! In How to Get a SARS Refund, Baines explains the fundamentals of income tax and tax deductions in South Africa, focusing on employees who receive… Continue reading Review: How to Get a SARS Refund by Daniel Baines

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Review: Africa’s Billionaires by Chris Bishop

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become one of the wealthiest and most successful in your country and continent, Chris Bishop’s latest book Africa’s Billionaires is a must-read! Synopsis Written by the founder of Forbes Africa, this is a masterclass on how the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs across Africa made their fortunes,… Continue reading Review: Africa’s Billionaires by Chris Bishop